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It can be difficult to find the right words to let your partner know just how you feel, or to find an anniversary gift that lasts longer than an elegant dinner, or to find a way to remember exactly the way you and your beloved feel about each other at a specific point in your relationship.

If you’re a Melbourne same sex couple in need of any of the above or any other occasion for a truly romantic gesture, Dorothy’s Castle Portraits has your answer.

High quality, dynamic, and specifically gay couple photography in Melbourne can be hard to come by, and often so can fitting anniversary gift ideas, so Dorothy’s Castle Portraits caters exclusively to documenting the beauty of love between two men or two women in the Melbourne area. Our uncommon approach to making lasting, momentous portraits is very different from most studios’ approaches, giving each couple their own set of portraits that identifies perfectly with their own unique relationship rather than one that lumps them in with every other couple that comes to the studio. Everyone is different, and when you have two people coming together to form a loving bond, that connection is even more special, so why would we try to photograph every subject the same way?

Instead of putting everyone who comes in in front of a traditionally romantic scene and telling them how to pose, what to look like, and how to interact, we let the subjects have full freedom as an understanding, professional, experienced photographer documents the scene as if no one was there at all. You and your partner aren’t expected to look and act in a way that we think your portraits should turn out, we aim to capture a loving moment exactly the way that the two of you typically express your love in the way that you want to remember yourselves.

It’s not easy finding a way to keep track of exactly the way you feel about the man or woman you love—in fact, it’s impossible. But by allowing Dorothy’s Castle Portraits to provide you with a set of photos catering to your indescribable love, you can look back on that time in your relationship whenever you want and bring back all those great memories.

For your Melbourne gay or lesbian photos and anniversary gifts, Dorothy’s Castle Photography understands what you’re looking for better than anyone.
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